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With vast expanses of unspoiled nature, world-class views, and immaculate waterfronts, Samana Bay Golf Resort & Residences offers a blissful stay in both comfort and luxury.  Whether you’re staying here only for the night or if you’ve chosen to experience it for a lifetime, paradise is waiting for you.

“I am proud to be an owner in such a beautiful area that is so rich with history and culture.  Samana Bay Resort has provided an opportunity that has forever changed my life.”

David Braylark Jr.

Tempat Sala Pioneer


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Samana Bay Resort offers opportunities to own a true home away from home in the middle of a tropical paradise which will give you access to modern luxury and peace of mind.

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Samana Bay Resort is cultivating one of the hottest tourist destinations in the Caribbean!

Why Samaná?

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Samana Bay Golf Resort & Residences has a unique presence in the Samaná Province. We are fortunate to have two unique locations, one on both the Northern and Southern coasts of the peninsula.

Samana Bay Golf Resort & Residences is located in Samana, an idyllic beach town on the Northern side. The town is popular with independent travelers who prefer to avoid the larger resorts more common in other parts of the country, such as Punta Cana.

The small-town tranquility and stunning beaches have attracted an interesting mix of locals: Dominicans from Santo Domingo who escape to Las Terrenas / Samana for long weekends and national holidays and a substantial community of expats from the USA, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and many other countries.

As a result, Samana has a uniquely cosmopolitan feel that perfectly blends Caribbean beach town bliss with European flair.

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Samana Bay Golf Resort & Residences

Samana Bay Golf Resort & Spa is a world-class resort destination located on the southern side of the Samaná Peninsula, nestled upon Samaná Bay. Experience our championship-level golf course, ranking among the best golf courses in the Caribbean.