in the beginning ...

the vision


Samana Bay Golf Resort & Residences’s mission is to provide a home away from home in paradise where guests can share organic one-of-a-kind experiences with family and friends.  Our vision is to offer Samana Bay Golf Resort & Residences property owners and guests a sense of peace, belonging and wonder in paradise.

For those dreaming of a Caribbean adventure and yearning to experience a laid back and more relaxed lifestyle, the Dominican Republic is the island paradise at the heart of the Caribbean.

Come see firsthand the vision that is Samana Bay Golf Resort & Residences. Meet with our international design team, mingle with industry leaders, and attend seminars that exist to help you widen your portfolio and broaden your financial horizons. Together we will build a tropical paradise that will stand the test of time and provide for generations to come while continuing to reinvest back into the land and local communities.

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our team

meet our leaders

Diana Lynch
Planning & Landscape
Bennett Thrasher LLP
Doug Free
Investment Advisor
John Healy
Operator Search
Livio Sarmiento
Architect of Record
Ricardo Mo
Sustainability - XCO2


The history


A team with vision purchases 4,000+ acres of land once inhabited by slaves; a valuable and symbolic move that changes the course of history.

Around 1822, the most important event in the development of Samaná occurred when the Haitian leader, Jean Pierre Boyer contacted abolitionist groups in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and paid money for them to send all the freed slaves they could and paid for all their settlement in Samaná as an effort to help slaves retain their freedom. Nearly six- thousand former slaves made the voyage from the United States to the Dominican Republic. About 2,000 stayed in Samaná and prospered.

When powerful people come together and decide to plant monetary seeds, the result of such a purchase is made chiefly with the mindset of capital gain. When the Samana Bay Resort team came together, they carefully considered the meaning, symbolism and impact an historic purchase would make on their lives, the lives of their families and the lives of future investors as they work toward changing the narrative of Black purchasing power in America and beyond.